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Social Security Disability

Social Security Information:

Why should I hire the Law Office of Kerie P. Stone for my Social Security Disability case?

Ms. Stone’s experience as a Social Security Disability lawyer is simply unmatched. Ms. Stone is a former Supervisory Staff Attorney and Adjudication Officer for the Social Security Administration. She knows the system from the inside out. Now that Ms. Stone is in private practice, she has won 99 percent of her Social Security Disability cases.

What will the Law Office of Kerie P. Stone do for me in my Social Security Disability case?

If you retain Ms. Stone to represent you in your Social Security Disability case, she will perform the following services:

  • provide ongoing office, telephone or e-mail consultations as necessary.
  • compile and review medical records related to the claim
  • review your medical information in comparison to Social Security rules regarding disability.
  • point out to the adjudicator how various Social Security rules apply to your case and how they show that you should be awarded benefits.
  • advise physicians of Social Security’s complex rules regarding disability and medical records.
  • inform Social Security that you are represented.
  • represent you at meetings with Social Security employees and at Social Security hearings.
  • prepare you for all meetings or hearings (and provide answers to all questions).
  • cross examine any witnesses or experts that Social Security might call in your case.
  • file any necessary appeals and represent you in court if necessary

I was just denied disability benefits, what should I do next?

You have sixty days to appeal from the date you received the denial letter. We recommend one of three things. 1.Bring the unfavorable decision to your local office and ask to appeal. Be sure to get a receipt showing the date that you filed. If you have no proof that you filed on time, SSA may dismiss your case. 2. If you must send your appeal by mail, send it certified mail, return receipt requested. 3. If you contact the Law Office of Kerie Stone, we can offer you a free consultation in which we assist you in filling out appeals forms. If we represent you, we will take care of filing all appeals. Just be sure that your appointment to see us is within the sixty days.

If you are denied benefits and you live in the metropolitan New York area, the next step will be to ask for a hearing. In some other parts of the country, the next step would be to ask for a reconsideration, where another Social Security employee has a chance to look at your case. If you are denied on reconsideration, you ask for a hearing. I like the New York method better. Many of my New York area clients ask me about reconsideration because they have read about it online.

What fees are associated with hiring Ms. Stone to represent me in my Social Security Disability claim?

We are paid only if we are successful in obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits for you. In the majority of cases, we are paid 25 percent of your past due benefits or $6,000, whichever is less. This means that the maximum fee is $6,000. In some cases, higher or lower fees apply. Ms. Stone will always advise a client at the outset if there is a reason to use a different fee agreement. In all cases that involve the Social Security Administration, SSA must approve of any fee that an attorney charges. Ms. Stone does not charge a fee unless the case is successful.

It is a common misconception that if you hire a lawyer for your Social Security Disability case, the lawyer will get a percentage of all benefits, even your future payments. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

You will be responsible for paying some expenses. For example, if your doctor charges a fee for you to obtain copies of medical records or reports, you are responsible for that fee. These are expenses that you would have whether you hire an attorney or not.

How do I retain Kerie Stone to represent me?

Contact the office for an initial consultation. We will make a determination as to whether we believe that we can prove disability for you.

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